New Pet: Adopt, Don’t Shop

New Pet: Adopt, Don’t Shop

You’re getting a pet, but you’re not sure where to find one. Should you buy one from a breeder, adopt one from a shelter or rescue organization, or buy one from a pet store? Well, that depends.


If you don’t mind an adult dog or cat, then adoption is the way to go. There are so many animals in shelters or rescue organizations that need good homes. They may have behavior problems or come with issues related to abuse. So they will need lots of time, patience, and love to help them overcome their past and be able to have a brighter future with you.


If you want a puppy or kitten, again – shelters and rescue organizations have puppies that need a home. Another option is a registered breeder. A dog from a reputable breeder will most lkely have papers, and a solid medical history. A reputable breeder can give you some information on the breed of dog you want, and can also give you some insight as to what kind of medical issues you may have with your dog as it ages.

Research breeders thoroughly. Make sure they are registered and licensed. A reputable breeder will always take back a pet that doesn’t work out.

Pet Stores

A pet store used to be one of the worst place to get a pet from. The animals sometimes came from puppy or kitten mills, and unlicensed backyard breeders. The health of those animals wasn’t guaranteed. You might have been purchasing a sick animal, or a dying one. however, things are slowly changing – a lot of chain pet stores are working with local animal rescues and animal shelters to get animals adopted through the pet store. If you shop at a pet store that works with an animal shelter or rescue organization, and sources their animals that way, it might be worth looking into.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills often keep their breeding stock in inhumane conditions. Puppies from puppy mills run the risks of being inbred and genetic disease. The animals are frequently in ill health and without proper, regular vet care and are often either over-fed or malnourished. And a pupply mill will not accept a return of any animal. But if they do accept the return of an animal, they won’t always refund your money. They will have the returned animal euthanized, or kill it themselves. Continuing to purchase animals from a puppy or kitten mill enables these disreputable breeders to stay in business. If people stop buying from them, they will shut down.

Adopt – you won’t be sorry

Adopting a dog from a breeder, a rescue, or a shelter is the best way to go. You will get dogs that are healthy, and ready for their best life to begin. If you remember to be patient and give your new pet time, you won’t regret a single day with them.

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