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Pitch in for a Dog Park

Pitch in for a Dog Park

$ 20000

Campaign Target


$ 20000 to go

JCAPS is looking for your help to fund the Dog Park venture.  This is a project JCAPS Board has been aiding the Parks Board with.  In order to get things moving forward, raising funds is an important step.  You can help by donating here or by donating at the various collection boxes we plan to place at local businesses.

Q & A

Who is working on this project?  JCAPS has partnered with the City of Jackson Parks Board and Bill Swan to set this plan in motion.  The Parks Board is spearheading the plans.  

What will be included in the park?  There will be dog waste stations, park benches, trees for shade, and running water.  Plan is to have disc golf coarse in the same location.  

Where will the park be located?  The ideal location for a dog park is an area of at least one or more acres of land.  The potential location is across from Sanford Jackson Clinic, by the walking trail. 

When did planning begin?  The starting chatter about a dog park came about with the Memorial Park project in 2019.  The Jackson Trails Committee conducted a survey in March of 2020 to determine the level of interest within the community.  We have high hopes of seeing the project underway within the next year.

Why build a dog park?  Dog parks are outlets for dogs and their owners to socialize.  They aid in promoting public health and safety while fostering a sense of community.  

How will proceeds be used?  Fencing is expected to be the largest expense.  Fences must be at least 5-6 feet tall with a double-gated entries and wheelchair access.  The plan is to have separate areas for large and small breed dogs.  We anticipate fencing alone will cost approximately $10,000-$20,000.



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