A Big Thank You!

First, a big thank you to all who supported us in 2020 despite all the uncertainty and chaos in the world.  Secondly, we appreciate your likes and comments on our Facebook page!  Thirdly, the 2020’s Pawsome Pets Calendar turned out to be a huge fundraising success!  A big thank you goes to all those who submitted photos, our business sponsors, and the handy work of graphic designer, Alisha Weland!  We are already excitedly planning the next one. Keep reading for more details…

A new year means new opportunities!  We want to start this year more organized than the last.  One of our goals is to keep you better informed.  To do this, board president, John Weland, will air our board meetings on Facebook.  Tune in to stay updated on the current influx of animals, our issues and dilemmas, as well as the plans and projects in the works.  This will also provide you an opportunity to volunteer your skills.  Additionally, John has been working on setting up a new phone system for us to use for incoming animal calls.

The 2022 calendar is in planning stages.  That being said, we will be launching a new photo contest in February!  So, get your pets ready for their big debuts!  Why are we doing this so early?  Because the winning pets will be PAINTED by ARTISTS!  That’s right!  The 2022 calendar will showcase hand painted artworks!  A few artists are already on board for the challenge and we look forward to discovering more.  If you are a pet artist and would like a chance to be showcased, please reach out to Alisha Weland.  

Recap of 2020 Accomplishments

Jackson County Animal Protection Society is an official charity with 501c3 documentation.   Our team is composed of eight board members with one seat availableCurrent board members include: John Weland, Alisha Weland, Luke Ewald, Chris Elbert, Phil Perro, Janice Lepinski, Samantha Eppes, and Ashly Miller.  JCAPS is working with the parks board in efforts of planning a dog park.  We also drafted and submitted a business plan proposal for a pet supply store in the Jackson Business Challenge.  

JCAPS is registered with Chewy and Amazon Smiles as one of their rescue organizations.  We have established a Bonfire merchandise store.  Nine shirts have sold so far, for a total profit of $75.61.  The photo contest/calendar project brought in a total profit of about $3000.  The Southwest Initiative Foundation issued us a $500 check in October 2020.  Additionally, to start out the new year, we received a $5000 grant from the Remick Foundation.  

Animals Stats

JCAPS adopted out four dogs and reunited one with his owner.  We adopted out three cats and reunited two with their owners.  We have two cats pending adoption in January.  Currently in JCAPS care we have five young cats looking for families (description and photos of these babies are available here.)  We also TNVRed two cats, with plans to increase our efforts in 2021.

Furthermore, these newsletters will continue each month to keep everyone up-to-date.  If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up to receive these newsletters to your personal emails on our website.   You also have the opportunity to sign up for a $20 JCAPS membership.  This membership gives you voting privileges in our end of year board of directors meeting.  We value all feedback we receive and we wish everyone the best in the new year!

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