March Newsletter

March Newsletter

The Artsy Animal Photo Contest was a Success!

“Thank You” for your participation and donations throughout the contest! As a result, $1251 was raised this year. See a slideshow of our top 12 pets below. These lovely fur babies will have their portraits painted for featuring as “Pet of the Month” in the 2022 Artsy Animals Calendar! Funding from the contest goes towards the contest prizes and cost of the calendars. Most importantly, a huge thanks to all those who participated in our Guessing, BINGO, and Trivia games throughout the last month! It was lots of fun!

Moreover, your fur baby can still be in the calendar even if they didn’t make it into the top 12. If your pet has votes, we will contact you to choose a day of the month for your photo to be placed. Already have that date in mind? Contact Alisha Weland to reserve it. Dates will reserve on a first come, first serve basis. On the other hand, if you did not have time to enter the contest, but would still like a space reserved, please reach out.

Secondly, just like in 2020, there are opportunities for businesses to sponsor ad spaces. To claim a spot, email your info to contact@jcapsmn.org.

Adoption Updates


Presley has officially found a new family with a lovely couple from Hospers, IA. Kevin says, “Presley is doing really well.  She loves rides and walks.” They did have a little scare when she managed get loose. Thankfully, when we had her spayed, we also had her microchipped; which is a ‘grain of rice’ sized tracker embedded into the skin. The next day, thanks to ‘HomeAgain‘ Presley was successfully reunited with her family. Henceforth, Microchipping will be a regular occurrence for all large breed dogs that come into JCAPS care. Not only does it aid in reuniting families with their lost pets, it also stores your pet’s vaccination records and allows your pet to travel abroad with you.

Maverick (aka Merlin)

Additionally, we received an update on Maverick. Kaitlin says, “Maverick has been doing great so far. He has a new name now, Merlin, and he has really warmed up to me. He loves playing with string toys and his circle ball scratcher toy. Merlin has been such a cuddle bug and loves being near the people he knows. His favorite thing is meal times; he gets so excited for food and treats. We have been slowly introducing him to our other cat, Hannah, and they are getting closer to each other each day we have them together. Overall, he has been great so far and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Thank you so much for all you have done for him and letting us meet him.”

“THANK YOU” goes to them for providing wonderful homes and updates on how these kids are doing!

Upcoming Events

As you know, JCAPS currently relies solely on the foster program. With our foster network continuing to dwindle; attaining a building is one of our main goals within the next couple years. Consequently, there will be multiple fundraising attempts throughout the year.

Spring to Auction

Firstly, starting the week of March 29th, JCAPS will host a Spring to Auction event. During this event, we will auction off Easter Baskets on our Facebook page. We certainly hope you enjoy the festivities we put together.

Want to donate an Easter Basket for the auction? Please reach out to contact@jcapsmn.org or message us on Facebook by March 25th.

Dog Park Campaign

On our website, you will notice a new addition to our donation campaigns. You will see “Pitch in for a Dog Park”. This campaign has begun to aid in raising the funds to build a dog park in the city of Jackson. Click the link to see additional details. Thank you in advance for your donations. They will get this project in motion.

March Board Meeting

Finally, the March Board Meeting is scheduled for Facebook Live on March 11 at 6:30 p.m. There will be an opportunity for the community to ask questions at the end of the meeting. Future events will be added to our Website.

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