Alisha Weland

Vice President

I’ve grown up with dogs and have always loved animals.  Animal Shelters have held a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember.  In high school I remember going to the shelter for a career exploration opportunity.  I quickly became so in love with one of the dogs there, that I ended up calling my dad to come meet her.  That same day, we left with a new family member, Izza.

In collage, I played a part in creating fliers for a local shelter events.  This point in my life is also when I adopted my first cat, Cheetah.  In 2014, we adopted our second fur baby, Sophie!  She was love at first sight and has been a wonderfully, loving addition to our family ever since.  It was all just fun and games at that point, but now things are getting serious…

January of 2020, we graciously accepted the challenge to aid in getting a shelter established for our small community of Jackson, MN.  We have hopes of this becoming a great addition to the county area!  With my background in Graphic Design, I’m hoping to put forth my talents to help get our name out there via print media and web advertising!  I have worked hard creating a logo, brochures, and calendars.  I have also been busy leading our fundraising efforts, which has proven to be quite challenging.  If anyone in the community would like to become more involved in our efforts, I would love to hear from you!

In August of 2021, John and I also opened a small pet supply shop in our town called “A Pet’s Tale”.  It is located at 612 First Street.  Currently all staff are unpaid volunteers and hours are subject to change.  Follow our Facebook Page to stay in the loop on events and store hours.  We greatly appreciate the support from the community for our efforts and want to thank all businesses and individuals that have sponsored or donated our fundraising efforts!